As of Now III

Curated by Dariya Bryant


Continuing the annual tradition, this December K Contemporary is proud to present a group exhibition celebrating K contemporary’s three-year anniversary, featuring works by the gallery’s represented artists. Giving an insight to what K’s artists have been working on recently, and a sneak peek into some of the new directions to come in the next year, this exhibit will be a delightful showing of what is so distinctly K Contemporary.


This third annual group exhibition will feature works by: Hunt Slonem, Andrew Jensdotter, Suchitra Mattai, Daisy Patton, Viktor Freso, Shawn Huckins, Trey Egan, Janna Watson, Francisco Souto, Melissa Furness, Michael Gadlin, Doug Kacena, Kuzana Ogg, Jonathan Saiz, Kevin Sloan, Nina Tichava, Ashley Eliza Williams, Mario Zoots and Ken Gun Min.


Since its inception, K Contemporary has made a name for itself by recontextualizing and informing the dialogue about how we experience art. This artist-centric gallery has a focus on contemporary and conceptual art, as informed by historical context, while providing its patrons with engaging exhibitions, pop-ups, art interventions and art fairs. Through these immersive and experiential displays, K Contemporary acts as a catalyst for engaging discussion about the role of contemporary art in society.


K Contemporary’s mission is to foster  an environment that helps artists develop their ideas and produce artwork with depth and contextual significance, while creating a platform for Colorado-based artists to have national and international influence, and bring incredibly engaging work from international artists to Denver. K Contemporary aims to revolutionize the role of a contemporary gallery in the community.