“In Remembrance: Forgetting is so long” One Day Pop-Up Installation

On Sunday, Oct. 11 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., K Contemporary, an art gallery located in lower downtown Denver, and florist Jenni Skeen of Goodnight Violet, will host a pop-up art installation and event “In Remembrance: Forgetting is so long,” located in the plaza in front of the McNichols Civic Center Building. 


The pop-up, featuring the large-scale work of artist Daisy Patton, complemented with funeral-style floral arrangements by Skeen, is intended to provide a collective public space for mourning loss and celebrating memories during a time when the global pandemic has prevented many from gathering in public places such as funerals. 


“Many of us have suffered individual and collective losses throughout 2020 with little public space for naming, processing and sharing our grief. The Oct. 11 pop-up ‘In Remembrance: Forgetting is so long,’ creates an outdoor, safe space – using art as a catalyst - where the community can come together to acknowledge loss and share memories,” said Doug Kacena, K Contemporary owner and pop-up curator. 

“Patton’s work asks the question, ‘Who do we choose to remember, and how?’ and her series ‘Forgetting is so long,’ as a whole, explores concepts of memory, identity and loss.” 


The featured artwork by Patton was part of her 2018 solo exhibition “This is Not Goodbye” at the Art Museum of the University of Colorado Boulder. 


Ella Longpre, Denver-based artist, author and low-fi mixed media performance artist will offer two readings, at 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. from her book, “How to Keep You Alive.” Visitors to the pop-up will have an opportunity to write down memories of a loss to place in a collective space.