KRISTIN STRANSKY - FAUXreal, project space exhibition

In this body of work, Kristin Stransky uses clichés and phrases to look at the physical and social connections people make with one another. FAUXreal pokes fun at the nature of truths and shared knowledge, especially in the current cultural climate. Hard facts are refuted as fake or conspiratorial when the truth is inconvenient. What is the truth, if not fact? Have absolutes become relative?

Describing this exhibition, Stransky shares, “Some pieces play with purely physical connections, some the stereotype of being female, and others about social relationships and understandings of archetypes and labels. The objects attempt to embody the typical thing-ness we might conjure up when we think of them, yet they are all rehashed and regurgitated notions that are perfectly faux.”

Kristin Stransky is known for creating engaging, and often, playful artworks focused on social interaction, gender socialization, and cultural expectations. Her mediums range from wearables and 3D printing to interactive art and installations. Through constructs of the cyborg, physical computing, and social mores, she creates objects fusing craft and technology. Kristin is enamored with creating immersive environments, interlocking components, and prosthetics for simulated interaction.

A native of Cleveland, OH, Kristin Stransky lives and works in Denver, CO. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame in Sculpture and Fibers and a Master of Fine Art from the University of Denver in Emergent Digital Practices Program (New and Digital Media). In addition to participating in multiple panels, interviews, and conferences including the International Symposium on Electronic Art and New Media Caucus at College Art Association, her work has been featured on the Creator's Project platform, the Ars Electronica blog, as well as Adafruit and Instructables learning system guides. Stransky has recently exhibited as a part of Currents New Media Festival, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, and at the University of Wyoming, Wright State, and Colorado State. She is an art technical consultant for artists and galleries and has previously served as the Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver.