Kuzana Ogg | Persuasion



March 11 – April 15, 2023 


In K Contemporary’s Project Space, Kuzana Ogg’s “Persuasion" explores transitory states of mind, body, and spirit. The artist’s latest compositions use oil tints and mineral spirits to create soft washes of pigment that blend and bleed into one another. The canvases that result are open and soaring, beckoning viewers into their depths.  


Kuzana says the works in “Persuasion” are all, in a sense, gateways or portals. “The imagery is about persuading/ coaxing/ inviting the viewer to make contact with the divine, higher self.” Appropriately, many of the works in the exhibition are titled after stars, which have long served as both tools for navigation and as religious and spiritual markers and signifiers. “Persuasion” presents works that invite us to venture into unknown territories and coax a little celestial magic into our everyday lives.