Mychaelyn Michalec | Three Square Meals of Disaffection

“I looked like a woman in glasses, but I had dreams of leading a very different kind of life.”-Lydia Davis, The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.


In her debut show in the gallery's Project Space, Mychaelyn Michalec’s colorful hand- and machine-tufted wall rugs offer reflections on feminism, art, and motherhood.  “Three Square Meals of Disaffection” explores the uneasiness of the artist coming out of a domestic coma and re-asserting herself in the art world.  The exhibition contains two types of work – figurative, personal narratives documenting quotidian family moments as well as text-based work gleaned from found work notes penned by her husband.  Michalec mimics her mate’s handwriting with her tufting, viewing the notes as cyphers for their changing relationship. 


“K Contemporary is fiercely honored to offer Mychaelyn her first official gallery representation,” Doug Kacena exclaims. “Her rug compositions are accessible, honest, and intimate portrayals of daily life.  They illustrate family connection and disconnection in cunning ways and are a new aesthetic take on the family snapshot.”