Shawn Huckins - Fool's Errand

“He that deceives me once, it’s his fault; but if twice, it’s my fault.” The Court and Character of King James by Anthony Weldon, 1651.


Shawn Huckins’ new exhibition, ‘Fool’s Errand,’ focuses on our relationships with the past and how it effects our current state of the world and our place in it.  Digging deep into what makes a society thrive, in addition to what makes a society collapse, 'Fool’s Errand’ will feature a collection of paintings challenging the idea of learning from previous mistakes and what happens when those lessons go unfulfilled.  Using Roman sculpture as a preemptive warning of a failed society and paranormal hands as a symbol of current day manipulations of the past, Huckins recreates iconic 18th century American painting to contrast our progression from the days of our nation’s birth to our increasingly chaotic society that could potentially be at a colossal tipping point.  Are we immune to societal destruction and extinction?