Trey Egan | Immersion

“My work is a never-ending puzzle of form, space, and color, and each painting is one chapter of that puzzle.”


              – Trey Egan


Immersion can be defined as deep mental involvement, or an experience that commands the senses. This practice occurs when Egan creates his work and also when the viewer engages with the diverse paint applications, heavy textures, and unique color schemes composed by the artist.  Becoming immersed within the complexity of Egan’s abstract language has the effect of an optical venture which reveals new elements over time.  


In the studio, Egan builds his artwork with an entirely intuitive painting process. When he begins a piece, no specific planning takes place, instead only directly spontaneous choices are utilized. Egan believes this method encourages the assembly of inherent forms and color selections, resulting in the purest form of his natural aesthetic. During this process of instinctive art production, Egan adjusts and ponders, focusing on the most immediate creative decisions. This requires the faith and commitment to “let go and just make,” as he puts it.


This system relies on Egan’s certitude for innate responses on the canvas, above meticulous planning, or more clinically analytical approaches to artmaking. Interestingly, this method also results in the same hue rarely being used more than once in a painting.


Egan starts with large areas of soft gradients and builds upon it layer by layer, finishing with thick impasto textures in select areas across the surface. “My work never reveals the composition until the painting is complete.”