Viktor Frešo | Post Vintage

A postscript to his celebrated 2021 “Family Vintage” exhibition at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, “Post Vintage” continues Frešo’s antic dive into biography by tracking the vacillations of his and society’s excesses, foibles, and triumphs. Following the death of his father, Viktor mined the history and archives of his immediate family, putting his unconventional relatives on display through the lens of personal memory.  In “Post Vintage”, he arrives in the present, figuring more prominently in his family’s narrative.  Unabashed about how he lives, plays, and expresses himself, Viktor creates what might be considered an idiosyncratic, revised family album comprised of found family objects organized into sculpture, reliefs, and paintings.


August 27 through October 15, 2022